Checker Cab
1948 DeSoto
1950 DeSoto

Providing since 1983 a selection of vintage automobiles to the film community
and for private hire, FilmCars is proud to present a unique grouping of legendary taxicabs
that evoke a timeless image of New York City.

Can a movie company make the Big Day extraordinary by providing a gorgeous vintage NYC taxicab… or several of them? 
The answer is ‘Yes’.  Since 1983, as one of New York’s leading authorities on the iconic Checker and De Soto cabs, FILMCARS continues to earn accolades and recommendations for careful attention to detail and a commitment to fine service.

Whether vintage taxicabs or passenger cars, outside of judged exhibitions there isn’t a more demanding clientele for the sharpest, most picturesque automotive examples available than the film & motion picture industry where both presentation and performance are paramount.  Weddings - as well as engagement picture sessions - deserve not only that level of attention, 
they require a driver who lends himself fully to the occasion in becoming an extension of the car’s character and charm. 

That is the standard FILMCARS proudly maintains, supplying the best-looking taxis with the easy-going, dependable drivers, providing enough ‘wow’ factor and flawless performance backed with almost 35 years of experience in the business of helping translate your emotions, expectations and your photographer’s every need on one of the most important days of one’s life. 

All this, and the unique opportunity to have it be in a Checker or DeSoto you’ve seen on the big screen or in print when you were a little or a lot younger & could’ve never imagined it might someday be your wedding car!

2021 Checker Cab Engagement Pictures and Wedding Services

The taxicabs can be scheduled for ½, 1, 2, 3 or more hours of service depending upon your individual needs.  Call or write to give basic details of location and timing to see how we can propose a figure to best fit your budget.
For weddings, cars can be scheduled for daytime and also evening service to provide conveyances between key locations and then return in the later evening to be a part of your gathering’s send-off either for a leisurely evening drive to an after-party or directly to where it is you will be staying the night.


  • All cars are delivered in show condition throughout and ready for all the admiration they’ll attract
  • All cars are air-conditioned
  • Passengers have full use of the car’s onboard cd system to play their own supplied disc.
  • Provision for champagne can be arranged per request and for which FILMCARS will furnish a polished, stocked ice bucket, paper-wrapped glass stems along with finger towels at no additional charge.  Please inquire.
  • Rear window writing for the post-ceremony that may be carried out by the driver or the marker pen can be offered to a member of the gathering to draw an inscription.  (This feature is also available for engagement picture sessions).
  • Traditional white satin ribbon-strung tin cans can be fastened from the rear bumper guards if desired.  
  • The driver will assist your florist in attaching an arrangement outside or inside the car.


Having what it takes to cater to the specific needs and demands of camera personnel, 
FILMCARS drivers’ genuine eagerness to assist photographers whose responsibility is to chronicle the Big Day and image you
at your best while the car delivers every highlight that’s needed of it.

Flexibility. Overtime of 15 minutes (and oftentimes longer) is absorbed in the established rate. FILMCARS wants you
going in and coming out confident and satisfied… and wishing not to see your Checker or De Soto leave. There is no assignment out there that doesn’t deserve thinking outside of the box.

Finally, only FILMCARS offers this kind of guarantee; that if a car is not on site where it’s scheduled to be 
five (5) minutes ahead of the confirmed call time, the job is on the house. This guarantee is highlighted in every Contract that
the company signs, taking very seriously the commitment to maintain our reputation while being privileged
with the honor to be part of your celebration.

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